December 10th, 2014



Best Birthday present ever! I look at LJ the very first thing each morning. it kind of gets me going, seeing what my friends are doing/up to. you know, like having coffee and orange juice. I came on board LJ just about the time DBZ newsgroup really slowed up. most of those folks are still here on LJ, plus, on Facebook.

so, I can blow out the imaginary candles that LJ is trying to give me: a new style LJ. I don't know what happen over the last three days or so, but the server did not respond. IE 11 timed out and tried to diagnose the problem. It was MS or me. Then late last night, bingo, it worked. Glad it's back up. I really miss the catching up with you folks.

So it's now time to offer you each a HUGE piece of My Birthday cake. yum. I'm thinking German chocolate or vanilla. yum.

now it's time to see what plans I have made for the next half of my life.