December 1st, 2014


burrrrr... 23 degrees. and dropping!

wow, 51 yesterday and rain and now this. But me, I watched hockey and Teenage Mutant ninja turtles. long live Mikey.

So to slow cook a chicken breast today or not. this day started when I woke up from a very strange dream. a women wearing a tutu was chasing me, by hopping, as I ran and waited for a train to cross the street. She wasn't running running, she was hopping to music. the train made the crossing and I made it only to wake up. "Did I eat something strange last night?" I woke up to find curled kitty snuggly wrapped up around my neck and shoulder. nice kitty.

So pleasant Monday is here. Isn't this suppose to be Cyber Monday???

ok, I'm off. rubbing sleep from my eyes amid all the cat hair. meow.