November 29th, 2014


Ho Ho HO

YES! It's that time of year again, when reindeer hoofs keep hitting the clouds (?) and a jolly fat dude keeps going "HO HO HO". "Whats so funny, anyhow?" and what am I going to do with all this coal???

Yay! I paid all my year end bills already. Yay. now I'm broke. boo hoo. but the bills are paid.

So, here we are, HAPPY SATURDAY. it's happy because the temp is only going to increase till we melt all the snow that's on the ground. now as for the freezing rain...

so today, I start planning on how many Christmas cards to make/purchase. I can't do a lot, ( have you seen the price of Christmas Cards!!!) but I'll make the list. and then plan on the gift cards I'm going to give.

"Tis the season to give and feel good about making other people feel good"

Ho Ho HO. I'm off...jingle bells!