November 24th, 2014


Who would have believed it possible!!

13 degrees a week ago with snow piling up. Now, 54 degree and thunder and rain!!
sure, there's no such thing as global warming. naw. it's all in your head. Science. Ha. what a joke. they come out with this nonsense just to justify getting those "HUGE" grants.
What has me concerned is when exactly are these conditions going to stabilize. Our biosphere seems to really have been effect by "whatever". There appears to be a slow, gradual adjustment going on. I would hope it would attain equilibration soon. This changing patterns SHOULD be a concern for all.

ok, why did I jump on this soap box today? I lost all the ice and snow that was on my roof last night. between 8PM and 11PM. That was very noisy. Yes folks, this does scare me. it should you too. I now have no snow in my drive way and just a few blocks of icy snow by the curb.

ok, This is MONDAY. Happy Monday. The turkey's have guessed what's coming and they're high tailing it into the tall grass. ( perhaps, disguising themselves as frogs?? Rive!)

I think I'll save the turkey for another occasion and have a nice tuna fish thing.

ok, time to slide off the soap box. I really should learn to hold my thoughts!

I'm off.