November 21st, 2014


ah, no more comes the freezing rain.

YAY US! So here I am, planning on what to do about dinner tonight. I usually try to plan somewhat ahead, so I don't get caught in the kitchen, scratching my head over what to fix. Of course, with the weather being weird, who really knows how to plan ahead. Freezing rain, followed by rain and then temperatures doubling up to 45 degrees. Wow, we just had fall, winter and now melting spring, all within 4 weeks.

so last night, Mr.snow plow came by and knocked over the recycle cart. Yes, the contents, at least some of it, spilled over the ground. yay. picking up paper stuff in 14 degree weather.
so then what do I watch on TV? Why, Hockey of course. what else?

Just when you think you have completed "Oblivion", a new adventure presents itself. I can't wait to put this away and fire up "SKyrim".
But, enjoy what your doing now.

SO, time to go outside and shovel snow for the last time till about 7 days from now. again, with feeling, "YAY US!"

it's TGIF enjoy