November 20th, 2014


So, it's outside once again my friend.

today is "Happy Cart" day. Yup. I get to attempt to wheel two carts through more than one foot of snow, and plop them up on the narrow strip of ground between the curb and sidewalk ( The sign post up ahead.....). I have some shoveling to do before that. for our Mailwoman and the UPS guy, should he make a mistake and make a delivery to my house. ( I didn't order anything this week)

I'm still looking for a laptop. Found a few surprise's. How about a lap top that you can't change the battery. You have to have a qualified technician perform that feat for you. ( lets find another way to cash in?)
What's really getting to me in hesitating to buy anything is the number of refurbished laptops available. Wow, how did so many units fail to be finalized in checked and tested? If you buy a unit and it's dead, there's a good chance it was dead when it left the factory. a 30 day warranty? forget it. I'll keep looking. Even units off lease is ridiculous. Maybe you can get $50.00 to $90.00 off from the retail price, but that's about it. Don't forget the 30 day warranty.

I'm getting ready for Black Friday. Fred Meijer's favorite day of the year. May he rest in peace.

ok, finish the coffee and I'm off.