November 8th, 2014


I did it. I replaced, without supervision, my ink jet cartridges.

There must be some kind of award, cash bonus or just a slap on the back over achieving this. First off, they had the twist off the plug wrong. they had it going right, it goes left. But I got the things installed. HP was a great place to order from. two day delivery, at no charge. By FedEx. YAY me. I'm thinking these will be the last cartridges I buy for this injet. A Laser printer is up next. I've had oodles of HP Lasers and was only disappointed once.
so now, I can start printing labels for my DVD's once again.

Today is laundry day and take it easy day. I did walk up and get a hair cut yesterday. The barber was sitting in his chair, waiting for me or some other customer I told him I didn't think I would be coming up for a hair cut over the winter, due to my forcing myself to keep my balance with a cane on dry pavement. He told me to give him a call and we'd work out something. Do I have great friends or what!
So for the Friday night excitement, I put in "Oblivion" and "Heavy Rain". "Heavy Rain" seems to have a hard learning curve, while "Oblivion" kind of follows "Fallout3".
I'm glad I have my RPG to keep my mind occupied. Because there is absolutely nothing on TV I'm interested in ( well, except for Teenage mutant ninja turtles and NHL hockey). you know they're scraping the bottom when Cartoon Network is out done by Nicktoons. My goodness, they're still showing "Cowboy Bebop". ( Good anime!) but after 15 years.....)

ok, time to go pet the cat.
I'm off.