November 5th, 2014

The Screen Savers

see, the pumpkin is trashed! just like the election results from yesterday.

I've decided, people deserve exactly what they get. If you can't learn from history, or how you've been treated, then relive it till you do learn.
So, while everybody was watching with baited breath the outcome of yesterdays election, I was munching down a milky way dark chocolate candy bar I bought for Bonnie. It's all your fault! While I was munching said candy bar, I was starting Bethesda software's Role Playing Game, the Elderscrolls IV Oblivion.
There went 3 1/2 hours! I spent a good amount of time wandering the elderscrolls world. I usually do. You never know what you'll find. Besides its simply beautiful to walk around in another persons dream world. I just got to love the skill and talent that the folks at Bethesda have. it's great to see the work of somebody who really has their heart and soul committed to a project.
"could I do such programming?" I'd have to look at the software they use. or should I say, create with. Wonderful. My Fortran and Cobol skills look pale in comparison. But the ability to create an algorithm is something you'll always use, across other areas of ones live. I did learn something in college after all.

well, time to go and perhaps rake the leaves before winter 2014 falls upon us later this week. For real!

I'm off