November 2nd, 2014

green plumkin

Yes, I did put my pumpkin out today.

and yes, I know it's two days past Halloween. But my neighbor said she was saddened by not seeing my pumpkin lit up at night. So, here it is. tonight I'll turn it on, even though it is supposed to drop to 29 degrees. I don't expect any treater,s tonight, since I only had one on Halloween. But, to get her to smile, I'll throw the switch! ( ok, I also got her a Milky way Dark Chocolate candy bar) now those things are hard to find! Quiet Sunday. I think that's because all the frost on the everything, mutes noise! it was cold last night!
If I had any Samoyed's here, it would definitely been a 3 sammy night!
I had to make do with a one Scooter night.

if it warms up ( it won't!), I may rake up the remaining leaves.
and, I think, because it's so cold out, I will have lentil soups and turkey on rye bread sandwich! do I know how to eat or what.
ok, time to wander around the house.


ok, I'm off.