October 27th, 2014

windows xp autumn

ah, the warmth of a curled up cat.

Not to say dogs don't provide warmth and cuddlings, but cat's seem to have that something special. You know. Long, sharp claws, cat breath, waging tail and has their own time table when to do things. Cats.
I'm mentioning this because I'm winterizing my house, and part of that is to get on the good side of the C.A.T. today, 70 degrees, Friday, 27 at night and 40 for a high. Welcome to Michigan.
Yesterday, I provided ground support for my neighbor who was re-attaching a piece of aluminum to her upstairs windows: they blew off last winter. She only dropped one thing while up on the roof: a jar of nails. little, skinny nails at that. I attempted to pick them up but they are so small, I couldn't grab hold of them. Finally, got finished with the work and then she discovered her lawn mower, like mine, needs to go to the lawn mower Dr..

so, finished up and now, just enjoying probably the last day of 70 degrees this year. YAY! I'm so happy. Now, cold, rain, and warm, fuzzy cats. ah, what a life.

ok, I'm off.