October 18th, 2014

windows xp autumn

we jumped from fall right into early winter, without the snow.

Good morning LJ people. This is your roaming bloger, ancientone, who really feels ancient today. the cat, scooter, would not let me sleep in, even though it is a Saturday and there isn't any good cartoons on. so here I am, hearing Scooter scolding me for not scratching him longer this morning. Tough! I say, let him eat cake!

Ok, today is lets continual cleaning up the dinning room. that requires the paper shredder. ah, nothing I like more than to sit and feed a paper openings, while occasioning stopped to unplug the blades. ah.....what fun on a Saturday.

so, I guess it's time to go and start the old work thing up.

sigh.....I'm off.......my rocker.