October 16th, 2014

windows xp autumn

a nice brisk walk up to the avenue.

yeah, right. no rain. but it was nice. somethings wrong with our maples this season. by this time, a little over 2 weeks till Halloween, they would be in full bloom. Instead, they look sickly? Happy Thursday is happy indeed. it's been a whole 4 weeks since I had anything to do with "THE CLUB". So guess who sends me an e-mail asking for help in finding a manual??? RIGHT! The guy who orchestrated keeping me out of the loop. ah, life is good. Of course, unlike him, yes I did try to find the manual. no luck.
but I looked. so I hope you've all learned a valuable lesson in this event: if you need help in finding a manual, let me know, and I'll not find it for you too. LOL. giggles maddly and dances on the table while the cat pretends not to know me. so, today is quiet Thursday and Hockey is on and being viewed. oh well.( secretly, I'm a NY Rangers, LA, Blackhawks fan. don't tell anybody)

ok, I've done my damage for the hour.

I'm off.