October 15th, 2014

windows xp autumn

yeah, they did goof it up. why the different pages???

well, here we are, "HAPPY WEDNESDAY". My backyard neighbor, who says she is my girlfriend, is coming over with treats for me. Let me translate that: she knows I have a sweet tooth ( actually, a full set of dentures) and I save her all my pop cans. 54 pop cans take up a lot of room, so she takes care of them for me. otherwise I'd have to take them up to the store myself and wait in line to use the counting machine. she brings me yummy stuff like onion crock soup and tiny candy things. That's basically our "dating relationship". did I mention she's ministers daughter? I bet I didn't. so I do behave. ( see the halo about my head-ignore the wire holding it up.) and I do computer stuff for her.
we do have fun.
now this Wednesday also happens to be terrible take out the garbage cart day.
so, I'll be off, once again my friends.

( LJ.get your act together)