October 13th, 2014

windows xp autumn

this new MSN start page is getting old really fast.

I actually had to enter Livejournal.com to get here! how much of an improvement is that?

so I greet soggy Monday by answering the phone: my tree guy called and will be over to give me an estimate on removing this dead twig I have on the side of the house. about time. we're headed into what has all the appearances of becoming a nasty winter.
I didn't get to do much of anything yesterday. I hauled up the lawnmower and surprise, it wouldn't run even with un-contaminated gas! I know, time for the lawnmower hospital. yikes. and here I was saving up to buy all of you really expensive Christmas gifts too...oh well.

on a brighter note. Hockey season has begun, yay. my guy didn't show up yesterday to install the power line for the ham transceiver. boo hiss. I'll see what I can do today.
so, I guess, I'm off on this soggy Monday. tootdles.