October 6th, 2014

windows xp autumn

Well, that certainly was not the Sunday I antisipated!

seems old Microsoft updated some file and when they did, it turned on a proxy value it shouldn't have. I couldn't get on the internet. finally, using AT & T trouble shooting device, they discovered the problem and before you can say, oops, I simply un checked a box and presto, back on the internet. But, this process took up to 2 hours to do, a lot of time waiting to talk to a tech person. Seems they had a lot of people experiencing the same problem I was going through.

But, I made it. Here I am. fat and sassy from preparing goulash yesterday. Wow, I cut up two large cloves of garlic and added them to a whole Bermuda onion. yum. Not being finished, my neighbor called me up to offer me some home made chicken noodle soup she had made the day before. Was I lucky or what!!! Then my antenna friend came over and we managed to cut and argue and cut some more, following more arguing, and then installing the 40 meter dipole. Now I can once again communicate using morse code on the High frequency bands. ( 7.150 Mhz).
I am never so relaxed as when I communicate using dots and dits. Now I just need to clean off some shelve space and presto, I'm on the air.
For a treat, all of you should visit www.artprize.com . the more I see, I more I'm fascinated by the talented artists who enter this contest.
ok, I'm off.