October 5th, 2014

windows xp autumn

I found it and got it......

no, not a girlfriend, the soundtrack for "FALLOUT 3". The music! I thought just maybe they had put the music on You Tube and bingo, there it was, nice as you please. total running time is about 54 minutes. YAY me Yay us! I also didn't see any listing of performers. I wonder if the license has expired and nobody thought to renew it??? wow, if that's so, that's pretty stupid. these are great songs. songs that bounce around in my head during the day.
update: no, didn't make goulash. I'll do that today. it was so rainy yesterday, and gloomy, I just didn't have the ambition to do that. I did feed the button nose cat last night. the wind must have been horrific Friday night: the cat food dish is gone! probably down the street somewhere. I didn't spot it though. then last night while watching "Cowboys and Alien's", Scooter the cat started jumping up against the front door. I spotted a black nosed cat looking in. this was un-useable for this guy. So I got another Tupperware dish and filled it with yummy ( to a cat, anyway ) cat food. I walked out onto the porch, and for the first time, button nose just walked towards the porch door, and stopped while I put down the dish of food. I turned my back and started walking back inside and wow, he had already got over to the dish and was eating! I bet he kept on eating for 15 minutes! he was one hungry cat. Don't tell me another one of my great neighbors abandoned a cat?? I see we've lost a few neighbors since September, so it is possible.

oh well. time to go listen to some music and decide what cel phone company and type of phone I'm going to get...

I'm off.