October 4th, 2014

windows xp autumn

aha, goulash weather. finally!

yes it is. right now, it is 49 degrees over here and the rain is coming. scratch that. it is here now. I just went outside to see where the critters hid the outdoor critter food bowl: they must have taken it with them.
ok my cel phone is bye bye. sob sob. now I'm looking for a smarty pants phone. ouch! The idea is to reduce the communications bill each month, not add to it.
I mentioned it is goulash weather. YAY. I bough a lb or so of expensive ground beef and may make the goulash today. I forgot to get a package of mushrooms. nuts, oh well, I'll just add a tad more garlic to it. yum.

ok, time to roll off and I'm off.