September 22nd, 2014


space ghost, coast to coast

I've been thinking what it would be like, if some of our old anime/cartoons were made into "Live action" movies. just think of the possibilities: the power puff girls, Jonny quest, ruff n ready, ghost in the shell. well, forget I mentioned GITS, that's ok just by itself. but the rest of them, wow. would you buy a ticket to see brad pitt as space ghost? neither would I. so forget I even mentioned it.
Now on to Monday. sigh. THE LAWN NEEDS MOWING. There, now that's the last I'll mention that today or this week.
Artprize 2014 opens up this coming Wednesday. I kind of like the festive atmosphere that is created by all the people who wander downtown to see and vote for their favorite art pieces. you should all check it out. I think its . yeah, I was right. pretty neat.
I do wish I could create something with my spirit, like sculpting or if I really had the patience, painting. I am really good at petting and holding the cat though......yeah, I know, no cigar.

ok, I'm off........