September 18th, 2014


40 degrees at night. burrr. Septem 18th is a little early for that, me thinks.

so, Scotland is voting today to stay the same or, separate from Mother England. I wish them well. I'm not sure why one would want to divorce themselves from another part of their history, but they know better than I do.

now me, being a yank, would like nothing more than Arizona, Texas and Florida separating from the rest of this country. Talk about weird ideas! you can have them.

col Yes, Cat On Lap. every morning.

so, now I have an request to build a web site for a friend. this should be interesting since none of my creative software will work with WIndows 7. and now windows 9 is going to be previewed later this month!!

ok, now its time to go to facebook.

I'm off and rolling down.