September 16th, 2014


if my hair was long enough.....I might just add a stripe to it..

White? Blue? Not sure, but hey, what am I waiting for. Social customs? baloney. Don't be scared. "DO IT". ( so said I to myself.) I asked my barber about striping and he said the thought it was just food coloring??? Does this make sense to you? what, I'm going to load my hair up with thousand island?? Stop with the ground pepper already! Oh well. pretty Tuesday is her. Yay us. sun shine, a tad warmer and fog like you wouldn't believe.
It's time to get new shoes. the special ones I got from Pay less, lasted less. wow. the Chinese sure know how to make a buck out of nothing. fishing line to sew the shoe parts together??? oh boy. but it sure beats using staples.

Time to call the barber and see what he has open. perhaps a Mohawk, a punk look, with a spike. oh boy. I'm getting excited now.

I'm off. ( like you didn't know)