September 8th, 2014


The Laughting man...."What's so funny?"

I never did figure that one out. I spent Sunday trying to compose the next newsletter which definitely has to be out this week. Almost out, but that's like horseshoes and hand grenades: Doesn't count.
I then had visitors pop over and that took my mind off composing any further. YAY pop over friends! Saved me from a fate worse than something.
Chatted with Neighbor about her teaching and school and why should have to mow the lawns again after we just did it 6 days ago. The lawns need it!
but, her self propel mechanism broke: she's reduced to pushing that heavy lawn mower like I do. I simply giggled at her. Now maybe she knows what it is like pushing a 6.5 horse power lawn mower around the yard. The transmission cable broke between the clutch and the handle bars, otherwise I would have tried to mend the gizmo. ( gizmo is a technical term named after Professor Gizmo from the old "Ruff and Ready" cartoon. I bet you've never heard of it. too bad, it was a ground breaking scientific show on after we got out of school.)

so here I am, on a warm Monday morning, getting ready to put the finishing touches on the club's rag. sigh. a women's work is never done, said all of the females I know of.

I'm off for a while
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