September 7th, 2014


so, quiet weekend is upon us.

I spent time cleaning and dusting things, I didn't know I had. They were covered by tons of dust. I also took time to watch both Michigan State and the University of Michigan lose their shirts. They both should have stayed home. Then they would have at least, an excuse to lose.

Today I may start "Heavy Rain", if I can figure out the operational controls. I also will make time to see Chuck Todd interview Our President of the United States, on "Meet the Press".

I may also glance at "Fox and Friends", for comedic relief. all that eye candy placed between Liver paste sandwiches

So, now I may try my hand at posting my Live Journal on Face book. Have any of you had any success at doing this??

also, tonight is "Hearts of Space". You all should give a listen. go to it might be .net or .org. not sure.

ok, time to give the scooter rubs. I combed him last night and wow, what a bunch of loose hair I removed.

ok, I'm off.'s nice and good to be weird. keeps your friends guessing!
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