September 1st, 2014

Big O anim

ah shucks! it's storming out.....I guess I can't mow the lawn today.

Boo Hoo. But then again, I can't do anything else outdoors today either. Nuts. good day to spend curled up with a warm cat and a good book. I sure have enough to pick from.
I saw something strange yesterday on TV. The MDA marathon: Jerry Lewis still isn't appearing on the event! Boy, there sure must be bad blood there somewhere.

col Ok, let me explain. if I stop writing in the middle of a post, and put in the initials, col, that simply means, Cat On Lap. it is hard to pet and type at the same time.

Now, as I was saying, what gives with this bad blood between Jerry Lewis and the MDA??? it seems to have been hushed up over the last few years. I simply miss seeing him on every Labor day event.

it's getting really dark over here now. the storms are moving in.
I'll check back later.

I'm off