August 25th, 2014


Hey, LJ is back on line.

I tried several times to post to lj yesterday, but no go. this after Walgreens went down on Friday. But all is okay dokay now, it seems.
I'm bracing myself what is being billed as the hot day of 2014. At least, that what our alleged weather man said. He's excited, I almost expect him to jump up and down on the table. It must be nice to have simple expectations in ones life. I'm just taking things as they come today. Scooter the cat is laying down at my feet, feeling the cool breeze from the AC. must be nice to be a lazy cat.
I should try it sometime.
So, missing oodles of sleep the past few days, due to stupid dew points in the low 70's, I may try to take a nap. LOL. that's a good one.

ok, I'm going to slide out of here. toodles.