August 20th, 2014


so, do you hear that ????? Yup...thats the leave's getting

ready to fall off the trees. they know what season it is, even if we don't.
just because we're supposed to hit 90 by this coming weekend doesn't mean a thing. I have my rake ready and have dusted off my Dragonball Z collection. Dragonball Z and Dragonball is my favorite Fall series to watch. Especially the end title and music for Dragonball. seeing bulma watching it rain with a silly love song playing just does it for me.
Now, on a hot muggy night like last night, Black Lagoon kind of makes sense. I do think a "tad" much with the violence, but hey, it's all pretend, right??

I sang happy birthday to my neighbor lady yesterday. turns out she was having a blue day. Till my golden pipes put a smile on her face, by route of her ears. ah. I missed my calling. I should be calling world leaders and singing happy birthday to them too. it might put a smile on their faces....
yeah, I didn't think so either. sigh.....worth a try though.

ok, I'm off. ( how about roll up, instead?)