August 8th, 2014

Mickey Mouse

Yes, I know. That's not Master Roshi.

But Mickey will have to do while I figure out what's not happening with this new version of Live journal. Of course, I haven't made an icon animation in several years, but still, the basic idea is the same. It's all LJ's fault. There, now I feel better.

So, the world truly is a more dangerous place now days. But, you know that. it would be hard not to, unless you don't have access to any of the media sources. Our local newspaper's BIG STORY was about our Justin Amashs' stupid, arrogant after the election so called speech. This is the same guy who said he might want to become speaker of the house. Good luck with that. He should stay away, far away from the Ted Cruz dude. Wow, the world has indeed gone crazy, lost its marbles, oars don't touch the water.

ok, so it's TGIF. this is terrible grocery day. yuck. I still haven't found my main dietary items. working on it. did start to eat yogurt again. yum.

ok, I'm off to make the grocery list. keep it short...