August 5th, 2014


They're back! Rossi, Chichi, King Kai....

Get your popcorn ready, pull the tab on your cherry coke and get ready to watch another Dragonball Z movie. Hopefully, they did this the way the author wanted it done before it gets general release. Yeah, right. has anybody seen the merchandising products yet? You will. Walgreens even carried Gundam action figures.

So, here I am, thinking about cleaning the big cleaning. ok, actually the big throw away event. gads, I hate to do it, but being a pack rat has no social or household redeeming qualities. ( ok, that's my excuse for being plain lazy)
this is a good thing to do once every 15 years or so. but I do remember every single thing I throw away. that's the problem with having a good memory.

on the bright side, I get another 15 years to collect new stuff. Hey, this might just work out.

ok, I'm off.