August 3rd, 2014


so today, I'm going to get out the old old manuscript

I attempted to put together eons ago. Dirt, hadn't been invented yet! Perhaps, I'll re-characterize my characters to be more "upbeat", with it and speak really colorful stuff. ( see, I told you I didn't know what I'm talking about)
Or, help my friend string up 66 feet of wire for a Ham Radio antenna. Yeah, that's the ticket! Forget the writing. Others are more proficient at creating the written art form than I.
Another beautiful day in everybody's neighborhood, except the middle-east. I can't imagine what living there must be like. Horrendous at best. just think, kids growing up to the sounds of sirens warning of impending missile strikes, duck and cover, for real! I can not fathom that life. and yet, to millions of people, that is how they exist day to day.

something to ponder on this Sunday. Maybe who we elect next November and two years after that, may really make a difference??

I'm quietly thinking...