August 2nd, 2014


So after hunting for "Fist of the North Star" volume 4

I just discovered that Eastern star re-packaged the whole series into one box set. For like $110.00. ok, I guess. I just wanted volume 4. I already have the first 3 volumes and love watching Ken bop, You only have 10 second before your head blows up and tear his unlimited supply of blue shirts to shreds. I think the whole thing is like 3200 minutes. I'll have to keep this update short. LOL. just kidding. I usually have special times I watch certain series, like Dragonball and Dragonball Z is usually late September when the daylight is diminishing quickly and I enjoy watching GOKU and assorted characters save the world. cold January is Ken's month.

So on to August. got myself looking cute again with a looking cute again haircut. I keep it short in the warmer months due to the stupid greying, but not turning white color. My hair has always been curly and black. Now it feels and looks like steel wool. What's a poor boy to do?
I even thought of putting a white stripe in the center of my hair. but.......I can't ride a skate board. the horror!
Today is quiet warm, humid Saturday. I'm going to practice lazy today. not sure how it will turn out.

ok, I'm off for the day.