July 28th, 2014


Typical Monday..could have really slept in, except

for the cat and my need to "Greet the Day". Well, something like that. I'm planning on cleaning the front porch of garbage. If you have a garage, I've duplicated that cluttered effect on my front porch. Well, at least one side of it. I have keep sakes, like political election signs, picture frames that I was told "We would need some day", and assorted junk. It's about to become history this week. I've got two major projects I want to get done before fall arrives: clean the front windows and paint the porch. Yay me. any volunteers?? ok, I'll make it worth your while. $0.25 per hour! How's that! I know, I'm Mr.Generous him self.

sigh, the windows will be the hard part, there's about 16 panes on the front windows alone. oh well.

So on this dreary Monday, I'll be off and alone in my thoughts.