July 23rd, 2014

Boys be boys

so much for the terrible storm.

it should have been called, "Let's scare Scooter the cat under the bed" storm. oodles of flashings, a tad of rain, and I don't think I heard any thunder. whoopee. I may mow the lawn today. if so, I have been completely successful this month: only mowed it twice! Do I get a certificate of merit or appreciation ? how about a trophy? so far, the only thing I've got is a sore back from lifting the Godzilla lawn mower. I'll be glad when I have it taken in to the shop for "everything" on the maintenance list, which I might add, I've completely omitted over the 15 years or so I've had the beast. why do people do that to their lawn mowers? I've asked other folks about how often they do maintenance on their mowers, and surprise, they don't!

So today, I start getting the front porch ready for paint. oh joy. that's got to be number 1 on anybody's list. nothing like getting down on your knee's to scrape old loose paint off a porch. that's right up there with painting a flag pole. oh the joy!

so, I guess I should go and wish oycerte a happy birthday.

I'm off.