July 18th, 2014


Yes, summer is back, and how!

Good, it's too hot and humid to mow the lawn. ( most folks have job jars, I maintain an excuse jar. It works for me!) So, I'm going to go paint buying. I can't remember if we used a roller, or brush, to paint the porch floor.
So now, I can spend the weekend watching some of my old DVD's. I'm thinking maybe watching The Brak show, or start off fresh with Attack on titan.
King of thorns is good too.
I've got lots to look through and also decide about that magic girl title. I see the studio is Aniplex. That might explain the outrages price. I've kind of stayed away from their titles, mainly because I couldn't afford them! $40.00 for one collection. wow. but, like I said, welcome to the anime business. at least their titles are still in stock. now if only I could find Paranoid agent. I missed that title by days before it went bye bye. I see stores are still offering Satoshi Kon's other titles. I love his work. What a mind.
I miss him and his work.
I guess I have my work cut out for me this weekend. but somebody has to do it. (big broad smile grows on face). ah....

well off with me...