July 17th, 2014


Back to the heat and humidity.

can you imagine what its like to spill half a gallon of paint from the top of a ladder? onto the kitchen floor, and dinning room table?? I can't, but my neighbor lady can. She did just that. Throw out the throw rug, don't even try to clean the paint off the table, it just smears. wait till it drys and maybe it can be peeled off. and here I thought I had problems. Ha. nope. nada. I'm doing just fine.
Today is my last few hours of Comcast. So, to celebrate, I spent several hours last night, hunting for something to watch. wow, what a waste land!
Talent programs, cop shows, CSI. and I won't even go into SyFy with their low budget special effects effort.
ok, I guess it's time to get serious about viewing films. thank goodness for DVD and the on-line sources of film. yay us. I can also pick up where I left off of reading. Don't forget music. of course, that would seem to be limited to what I have in my library.
a new adventure awaits me and my furry friend.

I'm off to happy trails.....