July 16th, 2014


Pizza night?

I just realized that I seem to have started a Wednesday or Thursday night is pizza night. I think Thursday is expected, since I do not have the time or inclination to cook anything: that is my Ham Radio net night. I do get busy with that and simply do not look forward to a sink full of dirty, unwashed dishes. I hate leaving dishes in the sink. I'm the kind of knuckle head that has to wash things as I get them dirty. So, I have my diner delivered. But Wednesday, I can't think of anything I do special on that day. You'd think the weekend, or eve Friday night, but naw. Wednesday.

So I just kind of got introduced to "Madoka Magica". Then I got confused. is this title still in production? according to my main source, no. They have it listed as out of production. but I didn't see limited to stock on hand. Now maybe they were referring to the numerous issues that include books, drawings and the such. I'll check into this, because it doesn't make much sense to have a title that everybody thinks is great go out of print ( welcome to the anime industry!!!)
sigh, does this mean I'm not only getting old, but I am old???? How many of you remember USA's network show, "Up all night"? Gilbert Goffrey and Rhona Shears. Rhona is selling "Large size" clothing on the HSN. I'd know that smile anywhere. Gilbert, I don't know.
I used to like watching those two. the movies sucked big time, but they were comical to watch. oh well.

time to be off.