July 13th, 2014


Lazy Sunday.

The storms over and Scooter came out from under the bed. Another lightening and thunderous storm passed through the area. It does clean the air of particles, but, it also adds way too much water too fast for our river system to handle. Our majestic lakes, all five of them, have been down due to a serious lack of rain. till this year and especially this past winters' snow fall. These past storms have been great. for me getting to sleep, and not having to water anything this whole summer. YAY me. but it hasn't been so hot for our animal friends. specially one cat I personally know of. the poor thing is scared, almost weekly now days. this will have been the 3 weekend in a roll where I can see two eyes peering out from under the bed when it's time to go to sleep. some time during the night, I will feel a warm furry ball get as close to me as he can. I wonder if I sang to him that would soothe him? Scooter doesn't think so.
oh well. lets see what weather will pop up tonight.

I'm off and yawning.