July 10th, 2014


ah, a boy and his cat.

scooter's vet told me as he gets older, he will sleep more. yes, he does, but she didn't say anything about him wanting to be held and sleep by me most of the day. he's like a shadow. The dog's I had would do that for a while, then quit and go off to play by themselves or scratch. the cat, nope. as I'm typing this, scooter is curled up in the computer chair next to mine, laying as close as he can get. have you ever tried typing while holding a cat?? neat trick if you can do it. he simply raises his head and looks at me as if to say, " why did you stop holding me?"
ah. Look, over there, I can see gold fish in my future!!!

The lawns done. it was easier than I thought. even though it really should have been mowed 2 weeks ago. too much rain. now my neighbors will see how immaculate my lawn is and they'll mow theirs. Ah, all in the neighborhood.

today is kind of a lazy hazy summer afternoon in the morning. I can almost feel a nap coming on, except I don't take naps. ( see above about the cat)

well, I'm off for the day. enjoy the summer......