July 9th, 2014


so Tuesday was a bear.

I've never had so many phone calls trying to sell me something. I even had a marketing firm wanting to talk with me?? I didn't entry anything into Facebook till like 10PM.
But, as Foreiners' lyrics go, "That was yesterday and yesterdays gone". groan.
oh my. we are experiencing a cold snap: from the high of 75 to 60 something. Great lawn mowing weather. Nuts!
ok, I'll do it.

So, I decided, after a winter hiatus, of viewing the new season of "Under the dome". what a waste! if one looks carefully, you'll see tent holes popping up all over the story. I do believe King has forgotten how to write a complete story, that has an ending. not season to season. It almost, not quite, but almost reminded me of the time I first watched "Cops". I thought it was the funny. Trying to get the audience to suspend belief is one thing, but cops???? oh well.

I digress. The lawn is calling me nuts. The question of the day is, do I give myself the $0.25 for mowing the lawn, or just forget it and not pay me?

I'm off and how!