July 4th, 2014

Boys be boys

wow, where did the time go. it's the 4th already.

I was seriously thinking of getting a kindle yesterday. Several of my friends have written and published works and they're available on Amazon before like anything else....
Still thinking. I know nothing about an e-reader.
had hard time getting to sleep last night. Scooter the cat has something against fireworks it would seem. So do I. When the darn things go off and jar the whole house. wow, no way that could be legal, unless somebody actually blasting through rock.
So, I think I'll just vegetate for the next few days and pick up on Monday. you know, blue Monday, mowing lawn, laundry, cooking ect ect.
oh, snuggling the kitty. don't forget that.

So may all your fuses be dry and all you have is lady-fingers or those stupid snake coiling things. do they still make them?

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July. Hey, it's our countries Birthday.