July 1st, 2014


Hey kids! It's JULY 1st.. You know what that means???

Me neither. But it gave me a opportunity to use all capital letters for a while. ( I lied. I only used it on JULY)
So, the great storm kind of flew over us and left rain and some huge flashes of lightening. ( and scared the poor cat) But we sure missed what those poor devil's down south got.

and now, for a more relaxed weather pattern to start the month of July.
I got hooked on a new show, well, at least new to me. it's been around for ages, I just thought it was for kids. LOL. So, what am I?? that's right. A big, partially grown up kid. "Want to play marbles???" Gads, how long ago was that?? or playing with "Duncan Yo-Yo's".
I digress. The new TV show I'm kind of looking forward to watching is "Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles". Now, how much of a kid am I for watching that!
I know, your going to program my tv remote to go to nothing but Lawrence Welk. The horror........

ok, I have to go and feed and keep my neighbors' kitty kat company for a while. I guess, I'm WAY off today......and loving it too!