June 30th, 2014


the last day in June??

wow, now that month went really fast. is it just me, or does time seem to really fly now days? I remember when I was shoveling snow, and had no place to put it, seemed like yesterday. Now, today, it is supposed to become the hottest, and most humid we've had this year so far. The last day of June. I wonder what July and August will bring. Scary isn't it.
So today, besides house duties, I want to look for other software to replace all the neat stuff I used before Windows 7 came out. I wish I could make a nice windows xp machine. that would be nice. Support or not. I have a lot of money tied up in B.7. software. ( Before 7). but so what
here's a heads up. "Hand Break". go look that rascal up. its free. I got that name from Leo Laport, The Tech Guy.
oh well. time to wander on....