June 27th, 2014


they lied to me....

it was not low humidity. The dew point actually rose. and here, stupid for trusting a broadcast weather persons' forecast, I was pushing a heavy lawn mower and sweating like a boiler maker. 4 hours to mow a lawn is too long and for the very first time, I almost ran out of gas. There was about 4 tablespoons left in the tank. This is not normal. sigh. I guess I'll have to start mowing the lawn more than once every 27 days. sigh. oh well.

Otherwise, I'm getting ready for "THE BIG HEAT WAVE OF 2014". I've made out my grocery list and checked it once. cat food, check, cat litter check. Now, was there anything else I needed??? oh yes, food for me. how silly of me.
groan. So, what's good to eat when it's really hot??? It's been so long you see, I've forgotten. I'm thinking of 1. ice cream. 2. coke cola ( cherry and vanilla) 3. and then I draw a blank. ( that comes from going to college and spending one to many all nighters)
Me thinks a nice cool salad would be nice.
oh well, we'll see what we'll see.

Off with me.......to the store anyway.