June 26th, 2014


ah, a nice early evening rain shower.

with attendant thunder of course. but that was yesterday, today is definitely lawn mowing day. The weeds are getting a tad noticeable, from like 10,000 feet up in an 737! Ok ok. I'll mow it. gosh. don't yell.
Last night, in my world renown movie night watching adventure, I watched "Iron Girl". A strange mix of Sci-fi, magic and fighting. but, after I watched it, I'm going to watch it tonight too. it kind of caught my attention and held it. Watching this movie was like using mouth wash to get rid of the bad taste a certain other movie left in my mouth. at first, I thought it was filmed using a hand held video camera, no, not a steady cam, a real vhs or beta-max hand held. but no, it was just the lighting and editing.

So, I digress enough. sigh......ok, here I go.
pull the rope ( in my case, put the key in and turn it). I'm off.