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June 23rd, 2014

A drery Monday. and without power!

I woke up to the sounds of silence. Nothing. No AC fan, no neighbors outdoor placed "BIG AC" unit noise. But it was nice too. I so easily slipped back into sleep. ah.... Then the cat had his ideas. So up I am.
The good part of today is that I can't mow the lawn. YAY me. Not that it really needs it. The rear with all the shade it gets, is starting to look more like a film set for another Tarzan movie. It will wait. Sunday was phone call Sunday. This was a good thing, since it kept me out of mischief.
I actually had to read the instructions for my new toaster. it's a modern unit. So, no toast today. ( no electricity right now) so I had that healthy breakfast of champions, "Froot Loops". Yum.
Why can't they make shredded wheat in the same fashionable colors as they do Froot Loops? come on science guys and gals, you can too do it!

Forget that climate change stuff. Nobody will believe it till they have to swim to work and food goes up 1000% and then they'll form a committee. That'll fix it. You bet!

ok, time to settle down and maybe fall asleep in this chair like I did yesterday. surprised the heck out of me. I didn't know I was tired.

I'M OFF ( in more ways that one!!)

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