June 18th, 2014


what a mess!!! my mouth almost fell open after viewing it...

What knocked my socks off is watching George Lucas's "STARWAR's A New Hope". OMG!!!! What the hell was he thinking of??? He took one of the greatest movies made in the 1970's, and trashed it!! I don't believe it. The editing sucks. There's new music that doesn't fit. scenes were either added or cut. again, what was he thinking of.

Enough about starwars. I'll stick with the memories I got when I first saw it back in 1977 or so.
So, I thought I'd look and see if I could find an original version of the film. nope. However, somebody stocked piled the first version and they do want $59.95 for it. That's just for "A New Hope". start pulling hair out. What is going one??
So, tonight, I'm going to watch "Steam Boy" followed by, maybe, Attack on Titan. maybe. you see, I'm about to drop cable tv. flipping through 400 plus channels and saying, "There's nothing on" is getting to me. oh, there really isn't anything on, unless you like "Cops", The Jim Baker Show, as he hawks survivalist stuff.

I think I need an aspirin.
There, I hope I haven't ruined your day. go have some fun.
I'm off and ticked!