June 16th, 2014


I decided to have a nice Father's day, by doing what my gramps

would have approved of. I got on Facebook and honored several people who do a lot of work, but don't get much appreciation for it. They do it because they're altruistic people who like to help others. Wish we had more folks like them in this world. Not to say we don't, but if somebody doesn't say anything about what they're doing, nobody will know.

Makes one feel kind of good knowing they're around.
This week is starting out with a heat wave, sort of, followed by a soggy and humid week. YAY us. we were tired of snow and ice, so now we have heat and humidity.

For my sunday viewing pleasure, I watched, Star Wars, episode 1, 2 and 3. I'm blastered all out. Tonight, I'll watch 4 and perhaps 5. my goodness. I hadn't realized there had been that many episodes made! That's what I get for being busy and not going out to the local theater.
ok, I guess it's time to check over my materials for the newsletter. gads, I get one done, and another one begs to get finished.....

I'm off.