June 9th, 2014

bonsai Tree

so, I watched the last of DB-GT. this is a good thing.

Now I can wash out my mind, eyes and give it a rest. Now I know first hand. out of all 10 discs, only the last one was worth watching. Yay us.
Naruto??? wow, I have the first series disc, lets see, there is only 8 more disc's to go, right?
Yeah, I really do know better. well, sailor moon should be here shortly.
so, I have a lot of mickey mouse things to do today. The kind of thing one puts off doing, just because they're so boring to do and don't seem like they would solve the worlds problems. Little do I know, right!
Oh, Happy Birthday to Donald Duck. I believe he turns 60 today. quack quack Donald. ( the duck, not the trump)

off I go.