June 8th, 2014


busy Saturday night. first, I got to see my NY Ranger's lose....again.!!!

Maybe they shouldn't have changed coaches last year??
Then, I get 5 phone calls from one person who wanted me to help her straighten out her bank account. Over the phone! ah, I don't think so. That's somebody very personal and private. She certainly has resources to help her deal with that.
Then, find a phone number, another call telling me I don't have to look it up, ( too late) and then.....my other friend calls to ask me what week we are in for the Catholic Mass. ( It's 10th week, 2)
busy night. I ended it watching DBGT which was a mistake, but I have to go through with it now. The ending is the best part of the whole series.
yes, it does actually end.

Of course, watching that non-sense, I missed attack on titan.
I should probably stayed in bed today. The cat thinks so. ok, maybe I'll do "something" today.

I'm off.