June 7th, 2014


wow, I'm really out of shape...

sitting on my butt during the BIG WINTER of 2014 took its toll on me. No, I wasn't huffing and puffing, but oh, my muscles were sore at the end of the night. Now today just goof around the house.
I did my good deed. A friend, who passed away last year, offered me a radio for a hundred bucks. He actually bought it for me to use, but we had a nasty fight and he took it back. Then he made that offer last year. Last week I thought of his widow and called her up. yes, she remembered and yesterday I went and bought the radio from her. I then, just to check on the age of it, googled it and found out it wasn't even listed. it must have been made around 1990's or so. even the company doesn't have a listing on it. But I digress. I didn't buy it for the radio, just to help out my friends widow who really needs help... I hope things straighten out for her.

so, today is Saturday. Yay us. We're holding Festival of the Art's in our city which means you can see a whole peck of artistic people performing their art and also, taste oodles of yummy food.

so, here I be. with a sleeping cat behind me. ah, life is good.