June 4th, 2014

Avalon Trolley

It's Lilia's Birthday. Be nice to her today

well, every day. we should all be nice to each other every day.
So, I'm kicking myself in my butt for ever starting to watch "Dragonball GT". What ever were they thinking. they took good, well developed characters and stupid-them. Usually, one has a story line one would follow, not these writers, Whatever goes and makes a buck. sickening.

So, I stumbled across a old video I watched on Cinemax many many many moons ago. "Hardware". I remember watching it like 3 times. it was that good. Well, they released it on Blue ray. Yay us.
Iggy Pop is in it too. I remember him from his Oscar not nominated role in Dead man. He wore a dress in that one. View it. "Dead Man" with Johnny Depp. a very entertaining flick.
ok, time to get things done. it's garbage day again. yuckie.
I'm off.