June 3rd, 2014


So, beautiful Tuesday is here.

67 degrees, low humidity and partly cloudy, ( no, not with a chance of meatballs) and just a really nice day. lucky me, the bulk people haven't removed my old porch chair, and I don't dare try to remove it for fear of tearing up the grass, so, Mr.Lawn mower can wait for better, or clearer grass?
Now onto the bitch stand. Nuts to smartphones, I-Phone and the like. Most of the software I used to make web pages do not handle making web sites for I-phones or the like. nuts. I'll be darned if I'll try and find a store that still sells Dreamweaver in a box ( Adobe seems to have something against cardboard). Well, everybody seems to share that now days.
and no, I will not sit and use notepad to write code for a site. Way too much to do for that. So, I just keep looking.
Ok, off the bitch stand.

Scooter the cat seems to be shedding. I found this out just now by combing him and I didn't stop till the brush came off his coat without oodles of cat hair in it. Wow, I hope this isn't the start of brushing twice to three times a day. I asked Scooter, and he thought that was just fine with him. figures. oh well.
ah, I think I'll get a cup of coffee and go sit on the front porch and watch the people go by.
I'm off.